Air Pollution Conference Brazil and 4th CMAS South America 2019


Each fall for the last 15 years, the Community Modeling and Analysis System (CMAS) from the U.S has conducted its annual conference and training program in Chapel Hill in North Carolina, USA, which draws hundreds of scientists and policy makers to learn about best practices in air quality and emissions modeling.

Since 2013, scientists and policy makers in South America had the opportunity to gain the modeling knowledge and skills right in their own region, when CMAS U.S was invited by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Brazil’s University of São Paulo (USP) to host the 1st CMAS South America conference and training on emissions modeling and air quality.

Next year, the Department of Environmental Engineering of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil will host the Air Pollution Conference Brazil and 4th CMAS South America on July 29,30,31, 2019. The CMAS U.S. team members will travel to Brazil including the CMAS Director, Dr. Adel Hanna, CMAS Application Support and Training Coordinator, Zac Adelman; CMAS Software Development Coordinator, Dr. Sarav Arunachalam and CMAS Research Coordinator, Uma Shankar. In addition, the CMAS South America program is going to provide an opportunity to identify ways in which the CMAS Center can help these important regional partners.

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